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ANN – Chapter 2: Anastasia Romanova

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On Friday March 15th 2019 Ex Libris released the second part of their metal trilogy called “ANN”! ‘Chapter 2: Anastasia Romanova’ tells the story of the youngest daughter of the last Tsar of Russia and has a symphonic progressive metal sound.

“Ex Libris has outgrown the first part of the trilogy” 4.3/5 ~ Pasillo Under (Bolivia)

“A very Russiannes album” 10/10 ~ Metal Gossip (Russia)

“Larger than life, with a tone of elegance / aristocracy” 9/10 ~ Dead Rhetoric (USA)

The Band

Ex Libris - symphonic progressive metal

Ex Libris
An introduction

Dutch symphonic progressive powerhouse Ex Libris was founded in 2004 by Dianne van Giersbergen and has seen many shapes and sizes throughout the years. At the end of 2017 the band’s current line-up came together and set out to write a metal trilogy that would honor 3 historical female figures, all carrying the name ‘Ann’. In writing and releasing this trilogy they aim to educate as well as entertain their fans all around the world.
In previous years the band released the album ‘Medea’ which was mostly written with the same vision. Only then was the chosen character taken from Greek mythology.
In the future Ex Libris hopes to perform their trilogy live on stage during a few exclusive shows. When and where this will happen is yet to be seen as they like their complete focus to be with their research for “ANN” –  A Metal Trilogy in 3 parts.

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ANN 2 - Studio documentary