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Ex Libris was founded in 2003 by soprano Dianne van Giersbergen and former drummer Joost van de Pas. Their aim: to make progressive, symphonic metal with classical influences. With their first proper line-up complete in 2004 (with current guitarplayer Paul van den Broek and keyboardplayer Koen Stam), they started playing more and more shows. Bass player Peter den Bakker joined the band during the recordings of debut album Amygdala (2008).

The album was well received, with bigger shows as a result. More people took notice, and supporting shows for the likes of Epica, Stream of Passion and ReVamp took the band to greater heights. They also played more and more shows abroad, in countries like Germany, France, Belgium and most recently the U.K with Delain.

Early 2013, Joost van de Pas was replaced by drummer Eelco van der Meer (Ethereal). In January 2014 the band released their second album ┬┤Medea', a 60+ minutes concept album based on the ancient Greek tragedy. 'Medea' was praised across the board for it's rich musicality and strong performances, both instrumental and vocal.

The second half of 2014 saw the departure of some (longtime) members, and a new line-up emerged mid-2015:

Ex Libris now consists of vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen, keyboard player Koen Stam, guitar player Bob Wijtsma, bass player Luuk van Gerven and Harmen Kieboom on drums.